When i play clean or blues, i use my Peavey Classic 30, but to get a bunch of distortion for hair metal or hard rock (my main music styles) I have to resort to playing my line 6 spider. What is the best distortion pedal i can get to play metal through my Peavey?
hey i have a Boss ML-2, and it brings out a real good sound! i love doing palm mutes with the pedal on, it really brings out the BOOM in em for any metal or hard rock styles.

i bought it for $100 at Guitar Center, and i will cry if someone stole, or broke my pedal! and then save up some more money to buy another one haha
personally i suggest a sansamp GT-2, thought the blackstars i've heard good things about as well

edit: i spent 65 shipped on the bay for mine. better than any boss pedal i've played.
maybe what you could do is get an ibanez tubescreamer, and use it with the gain rolled down on the OD channel, that way you could get a boost that would give the amp enough gain for metal

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