Basically I'm trying to add a killswitch button to my guitar, it's not going to be a toggle one, just one that you press in.

I opened my guitar and found the master volumne and I fond there's one wire that goes from it, to the output jack. It's touching one of the little flap like things.

So all I have to do is just connect a wire from one of the killswitch pegs to the master volume peg (where that wire goes to the output jack), and then solder another wire to the remaining peg of my killswitch to one of the little peg flap thing on the output jack and I'm done right?

Here's the website I'm using:http://www.stinkfoot.se/andreas/diy/mods/killswitch.htm

I'm using this button: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062545

I'm sort of confused, thanks in advance
Wire the spst to the jack from the hot signal to ground.
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My outputjack is connected in a very weird way, there's a big gray cable, but inside there's a white cable with it's jacket, and then there's another cable made of wire like substance which doesn't have a jacket

It runs through here:

And connects to the master volumne which is right there in the middle (Cable connects from output to right there in the middle):


And then the cable that's just wire, looks like loops of wire it soldered around something else which is soldered with other cables.

I'm a big noob, but I just want some help.
Just wire the spst to the 2 tabs on the output jack.

EDIT: Wire each lug of the spst to each tab on the output jack. 1 lug to 1 tab, it doesn't matter which.

Like this:

The yellow thing is the jack and the black thing is the spst.

Make sure you have a normally closed momentary spst.
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It has to be normally closed? The one I have (I posted the link) is normally open.. aww crap, I think I bought the wrong one, I'll probably get the one Buckethead has on Ebay then.
Yeah they have to be normally closed, which are readily available at Radio shack
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They can be normally closed or normally open. normally open is best. wire it to connect hot and ground. the way you have the diagram, Akridosity, it will kill the signal UNTIL pressed, not WHEN pressed. your diagram calls for normally open, not closed.

use the killswitch thread for any further questions. it's in the central hub.