This is essentially something i wrote in less than two hours just messing around with guitar pro, i dont think its that great, but my friend told me that there is most definatly some potential in it.

The whole song was kind of written around the bass part at the beginning thats just some power chords played one note at a time. the guitar riffs in the verse were something i had lying around since i picked up guitar two years ago.

the song was named by my friend. the name comes from the fact that the intro and drums in the verse sound like clocks ticking and the verse/chorus sounds like a rampage,

anyway, so i dont ramble, here are the files, all criticism, mocking and even compliments are welcome

EDIT: also, what genre would you consider this, definatly some type of metal
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It looks like metal but the choruses remind me of something lighter
It definetly has a powerfull rhythm and i think you can develop something cool from this Maybe heavier?