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Anyways, I have a Yamaha Pacifica. It has a tremelo bridge and when I bend a note, it pulls the bridge forward so If I'm playing another note at the same time, the note I'm not bending detunes. I also have to bend the string much further than I do on my guitar with a stop tail bridge.

Do I have the guitar set up wrong? I tried tightening the springs that pull the bridge back but then I get a lot of fret buzz.
I don't know much in this area, but the only thing I can think of would be putting lighter strings on your guitar so there isn't as much force pulling up on the trem
lighter strings may help, but wont fix the problem.

it sounds to me, like your bridge, is floating.
you said that when you tighten the springs, if fixes the problem, but creates fret buzz.

tighten the springs.

next, fix the buzz. you can probly adjust the height of the saddles, so adjust them untill your free of the fret buzz.

also, you might wanna check your intonation, too.
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A Tremsetter will fix the problem - I bought one to fix tuning stability - it didn't do that for me, but it does exactly what you want.

I have a second hand one which I no longer use (bought a new trem instead to fix my issue) which you can have for not a lot if it's any use to you. You do need to drill a hole in your guitar for it, but it's pretty easy to install.