Hi. I'm buying a new electric guitar a month from now and I need some help choosing it.
The only limitations are the money (200&euro and the store (www.thomann.de or www.music-store.de), plus I will mostly play (blues and rock, probably some metal but it's not important).

I've looking in those stores and found:
Ibanez GSA60 2009 (189&euro
CORT Z42 3TS (203&euro
CORT ZENOX Z40 BK (180&euro
CORT M200 RM (185&euro
IBANEZ GRG170M-BKN (199&euro
IBANEZ GRG170DX JB (205&euro

Those are all from thomann.de
i would help, but i dont read german
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Are you absolutely limited to those two stores. €200 really isn't a lot. I would be looking at second-hand somewhere to be honest.

Thinking at what i've seen for around that price range...Played a Chinese (09) Epiphone Dot recently and was quite impressed. Solidly built, played well, good tone. Wouldn't do the metal stuff but would be good for blues/rock. Pre-owned MIM telecaster?

Can't really comment on the ones you've mentioned but a guitar with a list price under €200 is likely to not be that great. Really do consider pre-owned.
I know that 200 isn't a lot, but I've only began playing guitar less than 2 years ago. I've been playing with an accoustic since then. This guitar doesen't need to be very good, just a reasonable one but I would really prefer new guitar, instead of a used one.
Are they really that bad?
don't just buy a new one for the sake of it.

firstly, two years is a long time

secondly, are you sure that you want to go to an electric having played on an acoustic for two years

thirdly, there is no point in buying a bad guitar (or one that isn't very good)

fourthly, there is nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned guitar,

fifthly, i haven't played those ones you've listed (or had a look at them, cos it's a long list) but i would presume that any guitar that cheap is not going to be the best guitar in the world and by going second hand or paying slightly more you could get a guitar that is worth the money instead.

edit: i have looked at the specs of some of those. I would avoid agathis/basswood bodies as they're not the best quality woods. The Cort with the mahogany body looks like a decent guitar. Again though, i would say don't close your mind to going second hand. you may find a great buy.
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Out of your list I would recommend the Cort Z42, It is very versitile and perfect for blues and rock. I bought one from the same site.
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Save up a bit more you can't get a good guitar for that much.
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Duv and falconthefirst, thanks for the answers but I really don't want to spend more money, I'll be looking for guitars in second hand though. I either play alone or with friends, I'm not planning in playing in a band ou in public. I'm just playing for the fun of it. I'm in college, so I don't have a lot of money to spend. Probably when I'm working I'll buy a more decent guitar, amp, etc.

Duv, yes I'm sure I want to change to electric. I just bought the classic because It was cheaper, I didn't know if I would like playing and because I can take it anywere (beach, holidays, etc). Now I think it's time to get an electric guitar.