I have an avatar cab with a silver cloth grille. I want to use some painters tape to make a design, paint it over with black spraypaint and then pull the tape off to have the design in silver. Now i want to know if

1. I need to take the speakers out.
2. Regular spray paint will work or do i need a certain kind for the cloth.
I would take the speakers out and I think you can get a special type of spraypaint for fabrics. But DO take the speakers out, otherwise they will get paint on them.
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You do definitely need to remove the speakers and yes any spray will work.
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surely you'd be better off taking the grille itself off rather than the speakers? In fact whilst you're at it you might as well just replace the cloth because i don't think it's going to look all that good if you start spraying it to be honest but i might be wrong.

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