Hello UGers! I'm looking for a tube combo amp to do my gainy stuff. lol

I plan on running a radial tonebone switchbone AB/Y box between a Roland JC-120 and a gainy combo amp.

I'd prefer something with one channel that has a lot of versatility, but i guess if it's good i don't care too much. Just really looking towards a single channel amp.

I'd really like to buy new. I'm not sure what my budget is because i'll save. I just need some ideas.
I work at a music shop so its not too hard to save up money. and im 17 lol.

But i'm just not sure what's good in combo amps. I've always played stacks and stuff.

and i'm not partial to 50 or 100 watts.

I play all kinds of music so i'd like one that can go from a good solid like jack white tone to like a Gojira or like a Mastodon tone.

So just a very versatile gain channel.

I need it to have an FX loop too.

Thanks for the help in advance UGers!
All the above are good pro-quality amps that will sounds great, offer the features you need and will also hold their resale value pretty well should you ever decide to sell. I don't have much more experience to offer or any other ideas I'm afraid, but I agree with the above poster.
I say mod your Valveking head (Heyboer OT, bias mod, other internal mods, reverb tank) and sell the cab; get something like a Mesa cab.
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i really don't know how to mod it. I don't know anyone around here that could help me and i was smart and didn't get the valveking cab...cuz it sucks! lol
I was thinking i could get a vader 2x12 cab..??

Any suggestions on how i can mod it myself?