Hi all,

I've just fitted an EMG 89 (br) and EMG 60 (neck) to my Epi Les Paul. I followed the wiring diagram from EMG for 2 pickups, Gibson style switch and independant volume controls.

As far as I can tell, there are no wiring issues in the guitar - I've checked for shorts, loose solder etc and all seems well, and I've redone the whole thing twice now but no change.

The problem I'm having is that the output of the EMG 89 is extremely low - not even enough to drive the distortion on either amp (got a Marshall MG15CD and a H&K Matrix100 stack). On the clean channel, you have to turn the MG15CD up to about 9-10 before you can even hear anything.

The output of the 60 seems about right - although maybe a little quieter than I expected. When the switch is in the middle position only the 60 can be heard.

Both pickups are set to be within 5-6mm of the strings, and I've tried 2 brand new batteries (both pumping out 10v when checked on my meter!)

Does anyone have any ideas what can cause this behaviour, or anything I can test to identify where the problem may lie? I'm not hot on electronics if I'm perfectly honest, but I'm confident the wiring is consistent with EMGs diagram.
Check the wiring once again anyway. You might have not connected so parts properly. If it does not work out, bring it to a guitar store.
did you get new volume and tone pots going from passive to active?
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The EMG 89 is more frequently used in the neck, yes, but it wouldn't have caused this problem.

I will check the wiring once again, and I might omit the tone control from the 89 to see if that could be at fault, as I read somewhere that someone had a similar problem when they'd shorted out the capacitor to the tone control casing.

I bought both my pickups 2nd hand, and the 60 didn't come with pots so I've bought the official EMG 25k pots for it. The 89 came with the original pots (a push/pull 25k DPDT pot and another 25k pot for the tone, as well as the 0.1uf capacitor between them).

One thing I've considered is that the wiring diagram doesn't show the shielding from the cable that comes from the toggle switch to the output jack - I've currently left the shielding disconnected on that cable, but have touched it against the pot casing with the guitar on with no effect.

I'll give the soldering one more bash and see how it goes - I'm determined not to be beaten by it :P
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Ok, check how you connected the 4-wire to the pickup, you might have plugged it in upside down, that would do it. If not that, My guess is defective product.

Thanks for this - the 89 has a 7 wire connector:

-+9v in
-SA out 1
-SA out 2
-Humbucker out 1
-Humbucker out 2
-Can't remember what the last one does

Sure enough I've just tried turning it around, and now the 89 has a lovely hot output, and the 60 has none!

I'm off to swap the 60 and see if that fixes it

I feel stupid now!