Greetings fellow UG'ers

New song tracked with 1 Mic in the Rehearsal Room, its the first one in my Profile (called new song). Its a tad long (5:10 ) but the breakdown and the solo (3:00+) are well worth listening until there... i think ^^


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Not really my cup of tea - and I guess I can't say much of it since it's a subgenre I typically try to avoid >_> If you employed some better methods/gear/what-have-you during the recording proc, you would end up sounding just as good as whoever else in the same game, cause the musicianship is excellent, for sure.

Let us know if you ever re-record it ; )

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Not really my style vocals, but the song was OK, nice harmonies. Some things that stood out:

-The riff that starts around 0:23 needs a better ending to the 4 bar pattern, something with more variation, it sounds too bland at the moment.

The riff at 1:50 shouldn't have blasts in my opinion, it ruins the start/stop effect. Try just double bass start/stops with a hihat during the pause or something.

Apart from that, it was good, couple of timing slips but that's of course normal in a live recording.

C4C? First song on my profile.
🙈 🙉 🙊
wow this song is so ****ing awesome. Rerecord it in a studio and you guys will be gravy. Seriously you guys got some major talent
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