This isn't a recording, it was made using FL studio (and the default sound samples), but hopefully this is still the right forum. If not, I'm sorry.

Anyway, it's the first thing I made since I started learning music theory (and hence the first thing I've made in an actual key... lol). It's not very "interesting", really, and the ending is rough -- but I still love the simplicity of it all.

The song itself came to reflect its title, not vice versa. Before it began taking shape and before I gave it defined sections, there was really no "grand idea." After I named it "Acid Bath", based on the first sound sample I picked for it, the theme became the final moments of a man tripping balls in a bathtub .


Don't be too harsh. Or do. :P

PS: You know, I keep forgetting I'm on a guitar site... which I've been using as a resource for music theory more than anything. That said, I can see how this is really out of place. Still, opinions welcomed -- or delete this thread. I'd understand.
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Dude the intro reminds me of Metal Gear 2 music...I like it sounds like it could be a soundtrack to a scary/suspense movie make more!
that is awesome man!!!! keep writing stuff like that
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