What're your thoughts on this wah pedal? It's got no branded name, no real specs and its not even £10. Is it even worth considering?

I was just wondering in case I'd skipped past a moderately good wah for so cheap. But I'm not holding my breath, don't worry. It's just worth asking.


go for it. why would you not for that price.
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hell, for 10 pounds, be free to try it. Don't expect too much though.... that's cheaper than a Behringer pedal.... I pay more money than that for the parts alone, never mind the housing.

If it does sound good, please tell here so I can order some myself
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Alright, good call - I've just ordered one now. I'll post back here in a couple of days with my thoughts
If this pedal is as bad as HC suggests, you could always use it as a cheap housing for a DIY wah. I might actually get it for that....
Its hard to find a broken wah for that kind of price. Jump on it at worst you put new guts in it.
oh it's a daphon? i've actually heard some bad things about the daphon wah (though I haven't tried it), but i have a couple of the other daphon pedals (analogue delay and flanger) and they're pretty nice, especially for the money i paid (under £20). let us know what the wah's like when you get it.
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