This is about a man refered to as "The Leather Man". A french nomad who traveled 365 miles in the New England area of the United Sates during the 1800's. He would return to the exact same spot on the hour every 34 days. Which means he traveled 10 miles a day even in the winter. A very hard schedule to keep especially for an older man. He wore all leather that he tanned himself and often people left meals on their doorsteps for him every 34 days but he never accepted an invitation to go inside someones house. He also slept in caves. C4C

The Leather Man

My home is my territory.
My home is a 365 mile stretch of land that I don’t own.
My home is the caves.

So secured, with their walls being impenetrable except to that of heat.
Or the cold
Which is the lack of heat, cold does not exist.
It is simply a word humans devised to describe an indescribable sense.
Much like the life of a vagabond

My home changes every day.
The travels of a nomad
About 10 miles every 24 hours
But I will return in 34 days

The schedule must be kept without deviation
For if I am to return to the front doorstep of my home,
I must arrive before nightfall
Or else I won’t be able to retrieve my meals left by the kind Americans

A fire must also be lit.
Leather alone will surely not keep me warm throughout the icy hell that is winter.
As the coals begin to heat up, I imagine the sight of a woodstove in the corner.
In my mind I approach the stove, placing my hands above it.
The heat radiating off of the stove preaches untold tales to my ears,
tales of unheard of wealth
But when I open my eyes, I awaken to the site of my hand resting above the open fire

Typically, this would be the time to take a smoke of tobacco.
So I locate my leather pouch amongst my leather clothes and unveil a large roll.
Dipping it in the sea of flame, I light the end and watch as its white smoke mixes with that of the fires
Through the natural opening in the ceiling of my room,
into a cruel world above.
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I liked it too. Although, traveling 10 miles every day for 34 days would only be 340 miles, and he'd be 25 miles off from his original place. Most people wouldn't care, so keep it that way! Very good song though! The title reminded me of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the song didn't; so don't worry.
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^ I know, he traveled somewhere around 10 miles a day but his exact route is unknown meaning he may travel 9 miles one day, 11 another, give or take a few miles but in the end it equalled 365. But he was always on the move until arriving at his destination and he always arrived on time so that means he kept the same route every time as well. At least until his death, right before he died he was 4 days off schedule.

EDIT: To avoid posting another comment I'm editing it in here. Thanks for the crit Ganoosh and i agree, it is detached. That was more of on purpose for this piece I don't know how well it went over though. On the topics of my pieces I'm happy to hear that you think they are refreshing. I'm interested in a lot of weird stuff. Whenever I find an article, I bookmark it on my computer or cut it out to save for later. I also get a lot of my topics from the "Weird State Books" they have weird stuff from Ny, NJ, AZ, and a couple more states as well. Often I will see an aricle, get inspired, maybe research it further and possibly write about it.
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I just gotta say, I love the topics of all your pieces. They are refreshingly original while still being based on real people and events. I'd love to know where you find out about this stuff.

My one complaint with this is that it feels very detached. It doesn't make me really connect with the man. Almost like a lab report in the way it doesn't have much of a connection to the character. It's your phrasing, I think. The way you form your ideas is kind of sterile, not very human.
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