Concerning the SmartMedia card reader on the GNX3 Workstation, can the card reader bay be swapped out?
Or, can I use an adapter such as the xD to Smart Media Adapter Converter found at http://www.memorysuppliers.com/xdtosmmeadco.html ?
And, if so, how large of a card will it accept with a new reader or the adapter?

Any help would be... well... helpful. I'm looking to use the recorders playback for overdubs in songs played live.
wrong forum

guitar gear and accessories or the recording forum

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Ask the question at www.guitarworkstation.com/forum. It's a forum for GNX's. I believe I've heard that it can be done with an adapter but not sure. 128MB is the max for the GNX3. Check eBay for cards. The last time I looked they were about $50.