I've decided to lean theory. I heard some of you theory nut's play and was impressed. Start me up on what to learn. I play Blues and Metal, maybe a hint of rock and jazz.

Seperate these in a genre if you want.

-what scales would be best?

-What type of chords? (diminished, ect.)


I'm gonna learn every note from that UG collumn. I'll treat it like my alphabet and learn it that way. So start suggesting?
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There's no thing as which scales you should learn. If you learn theory, you learn them all. Start by fully understanding and utilizing the major scale though. You will later learn that other scales can be made from the major scale. Read up on the theory articles, and if you need any explanations don't be afraid to PM me, I absolutely LOVE to help people with theory Really if I didn't know it would be pretty useless I'd write a whole very big post to explain the major scale to you :p

But yeah PM me if you need any help or something!
Like the guy whos mum hates him said, first learn the major scale, and how to use the chords of each key. That is the most useful theory you will ever know. Learn basic chord construction and start improvising/Writing songs/solos using the theory you've learned. There's no point learning theory if you're not going to use it in your playing/writing.

Here's some links to helpful things.......

Essential scales - http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/misc_scales/essential_scales_tab.htm#comments

Chords and keys lesson - http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/chords/what_chords_are_in_what_key_and_why.html
It's good learning scales chords and all, but do you know the theory behind it? Like intervals, why a chord is this way, what this note does etcetc?