Just got a query. Out of the following Multi-FX pedals, which would you recommend?

1) Zoom G9.2tt
2) Boss GT10
3) Line 6 POD XT Live
3) Your recommendation...

Unfortunately, I live in a shi#hole town so they don't stock much FX Pedals, only Boss. So I wouldn't be able to experiment with the other three.

Whats your stance on the above?

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the gt10 is the best out of the ones you've mentioned, but it can be abit confusing for some people as you can adjust so much
If you want it for the FX alone go with the GT10. If, you are also after amp emulation go with POD XT Live or X3 Live. Or, a VOX Tonelab.
X3 live, GT-10, Tonelab...

.... oh and Axe-FX (if you're one of the 10 guys and a camel on here who can afford it)
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