no, you need the body to be routed and it`cheaper to get a guitar with 1 on it. (in comparisson with paying someone to route it for you
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No you cannot, unless you buy a Stetsbar or Bigsby.

Which still isn't a Floyd Rose.

There is a cavity in the back of the guitar that goes into the front where the springs connect to the trem.

I suppose you could put a strat-style trem on it, but it still wouldn't have the range a FR would have.
(EDIT: No, as trashbeast said, it would STILL need routing. Thanks for the addition)

A Floyd Rose is a floating tremolo based on a Pivot. You can pull up or push down on it to change the tone. Without the cavity, you couldn't even mount the FR, and even if by some miracle of god you did find a way, you wouldn't have the range or be able to pull up on it.

This is a picture of the Back Cavity with the springs for a FR

This is a picture of the Front, and as you can see, it has a cavity underneath the trem, which connects to the back.

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cant you buy something that lets you set a floyd (or something similar) right on the TOM?

You could get a Kahler system but that would still require some routing unfortunately. So that said you want any kind of tremolo system on your guitar buy a guitar that has it to make your life simple.