Just need a quick, short answer, what key is Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock in?
What is the chord progression?
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im really sorry but i dont know! i would know the key if i knew that!
Sounds like it's F.

Edit: Yeah F minor, my bad.
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Quick tip: 99% of the time the last chord is the root one.

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^^^ provided it ends in a perfect caedance.
although this is quite right, if the last chord isnt the tonic chord theres a very high chance its a dominant chord(the 5th of the key) in which case count 4 notes back for your tonic or key.
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im really sorry but i dont know! i would know the key if i knew that!

1. Listen to the song
2. Play along to the song, trying different chords until you find the ones that fit.
3. Write down the chord names.
4. Determine which chord the song resolves to.
5. See if most of the other chords fit into that key. (ie - if it resolves to an Fm chord, see if the other chords are also in the key of Fm)

That'll help you a lot more than just asking on an internet forum...

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Or you could listen to it, then feel which chord feels like the tonic.(usually its the last chord) Play the scale of the tonic you hear out, if it doesn't fit then its probrably in a mode. Which you can figure out too.