I'm thinking of buying some EMG active pickups for one or 2 of my guitars, anybody here have any experience installing them? I was just wondering if it would be feasible to try install them myself, I've used soldering irons before, and I'm sure the wiring diagram can't be that hard to figure out. just wondering if I might run into issues with potentiometers or not being able to fit the extra components in a guitar not originally routed for EMGs. Also do they come with everything you need? (I'm wondering about pots, I've heard they use smaller 25K ones, and a battery holder for the 9V battery.)

The guitars I have are a Douglas Spad

and an Ibanez RGA32

The Ibanez has a battery compartment already routed: (my guitar is the same with a black finish) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_tNu78SMKH6I/SW3pmTdanBI/AAAAAAAABmg/nuWe2AlVjGA/s1600-h/ibanez+rga32+battery+compartment.JPG

Think it'd be easy to install the 9V in there?
id do it in the ibanez but dont get actives unless u drop tune
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Yeah, you should be fine installing everything in; the new pots should fit, the new jack will fit, and there is definitely room for the 9v (But go 18v mod )
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TS, if you're using an 89 or an 81TW for one or both of your pickups, there is a push-pull switch on the back of the volume pot for that. This might reduce the amount of room you have in your control cavity on the Spad, in terms of room for the battery.
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