Hi people
I have been looking through the Mayones website and have been admiring some of their guitars. Does anyone know where you can find any decent Mayones guitars, because I have scoured the web high and low for them and cannot find a site that will let you buy any.
My local guitar shop has a Mayones Setius (£1400), a Mayones Regius (£1900) and a (perhaps a custom model) Mayones with active EMGs, an ebony fretboard, neck-thru construction and a red pentagram inlay spanning from the 10th to the 13th fret priced at £1800 that doesn't seem to be on their website.
These seem to be pretty expensive, with the Setius exceeding its RRP. I know it's because they're new to the UK and all, but does anyone know where you can find a Mayones which is cheaper? Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
Never heard of em before, so this sparks my interest slightly....
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not sure about cheaper, but that's cool that your local shop has them, at least you can try them first.
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Get in touch with these guys http://www.blackhawkmusic.co.uk/mayonesguitars.html and ask for their full list of dealers of Mayones although judging by the prices on the net the ones you have aren't all to bad.

Thanks man. That baritone version looks badass, and if the Mayoneses I tried out are anything to go by, it will play and sound amazing.
Thanks again for all your help.