Buy it, then kill the owner with plastic spoons.

EDIT: ^ He's been a member for 9 days and hasn't sold anything yet.
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Find someone with at least 3 feedback, all positive.
Better to be safe than sorry.
That's more than likely an Epiphone G-400 with a Gibson logo on it. Though, I wouldn't take the chance as the above posters have said. And if it is really Gibson made, it's probably not new.
You don't want to receive, say... a PICTURE of a Gibson and then have the owner claim that's what he was selling in the first place.
You know it's gonna go up right? It has over 2 days left. Everybody makes their bids in the last hour.
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By the looks of it you don't even know the condition of the guitar.

...maybe it'll come in pieces!
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You know it's gonna go up right? It has over 2 days left. Everybody makes their bids in the last hour.

yay for cheating the system









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Do it, I could really use that $400.

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It's a bit of a risk but it's probably gonna be fine. Still, you won't get it for that price. Best go find a used one. Those are almost always better, as they have more character.
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You gotta start somewhere. But to be honest, thanks for putting it up TS, im gonna snipe that baby!
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You were about to buy a Gibson sg standard for $400 with a person with 0 feedback.

0% feedback =/=bad seller.
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No, it's ok guys, he put this:
*Note. This is my first auction, however I am familiar with the workings of Ebay from having a friend post a few items for me. I also have shipped guitars in the past. Please don't let my lack of feedback stop you from bidding on this wonderful guitar. We can talk on the phone regarding details of this auction if you would like.

Therefore it must be legit, even with the lack of pictures.