So out of all the guitars I have played, fender and squire necks have always felt the best to me. Idk if there is a term to describe that style of neck, but I was wondering what other guitars have necks that have that same feel.
its a C shape neck. but not all necks are the same even form fender, i.e a tele and strat hace a C shape, a jagmaster doesnt.
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I've always liked my Epiphone neck. And the Jackson necks.
I like cause they're not painted/varnished.
Has to do with the radius of the fretboard and the shape of the back. Fender should have dimensions listed for the necks of different models.
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they give you the width of nut and width at 12th fret what more do you need?
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Another question about necks. Are there any les paul style guitars without binding on the necks?