OK, I have an ESP ec-1000 with 81/60 emgs. I play metal, hardcore and some alternative. I'm a little strapped for cash I have about 6-700 to spend, Im looking at bugera half stacks but heard very mixed things so im still on the fence about them. Any suggestions.
Bugeras main problem is wiring. Buy one. then fix a few inside problems, fresh tubes, then you have a bogner :P
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What about the Valve king?

eh the valvekings arent that great stock and then it just costs more money to do the modifications like replacing the output transformer etc. but the bugeras are pretty good stock so i say bugera
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Im stuck bewtween the 333 and the 6260. I like the cleans of the 333 but I like the gritty sound of the 6260 lol.
do you need a half stack? going combo opens up a lot of possibilities
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if you need the cleans...go for the 333. Just beware of the wiring issues that plague Bugeras. If you're willing to go used, you could look for a Peavey Ultra or XXX...thats what the 333 is modeled off of.

Or look into a B-52 if you have to buy new and need an alternative to the Bugera.
I thought all the new Bugera's had the issues fixed but certainly be careful with the older ones.

+1 to the B52 and a used Ultra or XXX. The new 6505+112 is right around the corner too but we know nothing about its quality.
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how are the B-52's?

I have the AT100 head. Its a very mid-heavy amp though, but I run it in stereo so it evens out good in the mix. The clean channel is good too. If you look used...and would consider a combo...you could get the AT combo for half of your budget.
is the valveking good for metal?
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is the valveking good for metal?

IMO it's ok for metal but all the other amps 311 listed are probably better.

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is the valveking good for metal?

It can almost get up to thrash metal on its own but won't really pull off modern metal until you get a new speaker, Overdrive pedal, EQ pedal, possibly new tubes and possibly a new output transformer. VKs to me are for people that want to mod things and like a versatile platform to start with. It has a Fender tone stack for the clean channel and a Marshall tone stack for the lead channel if that helps.

Yes, those other amps I listed will do metal out of the gate better.
Valveking isn't worth it - the amount you need to spend on upgrading it (and the time spent too) doesn't warrant it's purchase imo.
I say a used 5150/6505 combo.
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^yeah the times it may make sense is when you are just starting out and will have budget money coming in over time. Buy used. Then modify as you go. Things like ODs, EQs, even speakers can be carried over to next rig so it is not a complete waste. Honestly, there is a decent tone stack underneath all the cut corners but it won't be there in the store or when you first take it home.

It does have a nice clean channel

Buying one new expecting metal tones
So at this point im thinking about the Peavey 60W 6505, Bugera 333xl combo or Peavey vyper 120W unless something better comes along.
Those are all a bit different imo.

The 6505 112 is not out yet if that is the one you are thinking of. Should be a good value.

Bugera 333xl is actually a clone of the Peavey XXX. The 6260 is a clone of the Peavey 6505+. They have had some reliability issues but are still considered a good value.

The Vypyr 120 is a head where the other two you listed are combos. The Vypyr tube 120 (and combo 60) is a modeling amp and has lots of effects and amp models (including the 6505+). Great value if you like your preamp to be a modeling preamp and need USB and headphones.