I cannot understand why there is no thread for this band. 10 Years is one of the best modern bands out there, period. I really like all their melodies and the guitar work is excellent, even when clean I think that Jesse Hasek is one of, if not the, best vocalist in modern rock today, and is very underrated, but he really makes 10 Years what they are. I got to see them once live at Projekt Revolution when they came to Houston, and they put on the best live show of the bands on the Revolution Stage, and personally I thought they were on par with Chris Cornell and second only to LP.

I liked The Autumn Effect best; anyone care to disagree?

My top 10 Years songs:

Dying Youth
Russian Roulette
Cast It Out
Drug Of Choice (I was in the mosh for this one )
Half Life
The Recipe
They're a good band, but I feel that they lack something which I can't really figure out. They've got great album covers, though.

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read in one of those other threads that they sound like APC so i was gonna download them but i can't find them on thepiratebay.. i didn't search too hard though.
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You sound like the lead guitarist in my band. They're good for their vocals.