My pickups on my guitar are a little far away from the strings and it is really taking away from my tone and sustain. How can I raise the pickups so they are closer to the strings?

Also, the action and all of that stuff is fine, I got the guitar setup professionally so thats all good, so dont suggest lowering action or anything.

There should be a screw at each end of the pickup - these mount it on the guitar and control the pickup height. Though if you got it set up they should have adjusted the pickup height too.
What kind of guitar do you have?
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it depends if you have direct mount, pickguard mount, or pickup-ring mounted pickups. This changes the location of the screws that need to be tightened to raise, or loosened to lower.
K so the pickups are screwed into the rings. There should be one screw on each side of the pickup, so 2 screws per pickups.

To raise them, just tighten the screw. Don't raise them too high though. You want them just a perfect height to sound good.