and I'd like to hear others opinions that don't know me in real life.

My friends seem to like it, and they all can't believe that it's me cause my talking voice sounds really different to them

So, some opinions would be nice

Clip is on my profile. It isn't the whole song but just an idea to show you guys what I sound like.

Song is Gloria.
well I saw 6 listens already...and no one's said a thing. Was it that bad?
lmao, I thought it was rad. You should be a blues singer, you have that sound.
Randy Rhoads & Dimebag
I think your tone is really good, but your articulation could be much cleaner.
I get the feeling that you're trying too hard to imitate Van Morrison's singing style.
But by doing that you sound like you just finished a pint of Jack Daniels.....haha!

Clean it up a bit and it will sound much better. You can have solid bluesy vocals that are unique to you and don't necessarily sound like anyone else.
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Alright I shall. Hey.....did you know it was a Van morrison song or did you just hear me sounding like him?
I knew that was an old Van Morrison song.......because I'm an Old Fart....hahaha!
Seriously though, you've got a great voice, just be yourself and you'll rock!