ight so i was playing my washburn then my schecter and realized the necks felt different.. now i knew schecter has sort of a fatter neck.. but what doesn't make sense.. is when i searched up the specs on my WI14 & damien 6 FR.. this is what i got

WI14: Scale- 24.75"

Damien 6 FR: 25.5"

so i can understand why i felt the difference.. but then i asked my friend the size of his esp neck and he said

Scale 25.5"

so i was like ok w/e..

then i searched up the wizard II neck on a ibanez RGT6EXFX & it said

RGT6EXFX: Scale 25.5"

so i'm confused here about what makes the neck thinner on a wizard neck.. like i understand the thickness would change that.. but like if it was a 25.5" scale wouldn't they all have to be the same thickness and what not to look normal???
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necks are all different. The scale just has to do with the spacing of the frets.
Your guitar's scale is the length of the string from the bridge to the nut. It has nothing to do with how the neck is shaped.
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The scale is the distance between the nut and bridge. It has nothing to do with the neck. The differences are the dimensions and profiles.
ahhh ok i didn't know that.lol.. do you guys know how to find the dimensions on the schecter without having to messure myself cause i really don't wanna do that.. i tried google and couldn't find anything