Which amp do you feel is better, the Marshall MG4 Series or the Fender Frontman 212R, both 100w. I play mostly metal and hard rock. Which do you feel is better? I also want to stay in the price range of these two.
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1. I believe VS. threads are illegal.

2. Both those amps blow. They are pretty much oversized practice amps.
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Save up and buy something decent
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Neither. And 100w SS wont sound too great I dont think. For the same price, you can get a plenty good low-watt tube combo. Altho for metal and hard rock, you might need to get an overdrive pedal.
I thought that versus threads were okay, along the guidelines. Meaning no "wylde vs iommi"
TS is just looking for what suits him best you damn wannabe mods.
marshall and fender are 2 completly different amps, the new mg series I heard is good, and the frontman I hear nothig but bad things. Try them though
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Since this thread is begging for a flame war, I'm going to close it. Feel free to create a new thread asking for amp suggestions, but don't make it a frontman v. mg thread. Those amps are both pretty bad, and tend to bring out the hate in people on this forum.
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