So guys, how good is the vmntx?
Does it have good, solid pickups that are capable of megadeth tones?
Are they good for stuff like CoB?
How versatile are they?
What guitar would be better for the same stuff in the price range up to around $500, if its not to good?
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Dont get the vmntx.

Its a signature model and half of what you are paying for is the name.
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It is a cheap version of the signature model and will very likely have poor quality. You are better getting something else. If you want a V save up 200 bucks more and get the LTD-V401
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It is a cheaper/crap version of Dave Mustaine's signature. You aren't going to get even close to Dave Musatine's tone with that guitar.

You will if you have his amp.

But yah, there are better guitars in that price range.
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There are much better alternatives.My friend bought one of those and it really is just a piece of junk.Check out the jackson kvx10 or if thats a little too much even the js30 plays better than the dean.
If you want a Dave Mustaine sounding guitar, save the extra cash and get the actual VMNT. Trust me I'm doing it as we speak. The build isnt that solid and theres just random low end dean buckers in there.

Trust me save up
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