I've been trying to record solo guitar work by plugging into my computer, but Garageband and Logic do not seem to be satisfying my amp-simulation. I cant find a good distortion sound thats not totally static or hollow sounding. Does anybody know about a good (free) program that is good for amp-simulation and recording?

One thing that i found was that the amp simulation in Logic is actually pretty good...

If you have a distortion pedal just put ur guitar through that then into Logic and use the amp sims to make it sound more realistic...

I used the Boss Metalcore Pedal through some of the different amps and it sounded pretty damn good
and also

if anyone has any free amp sim plugins for Mac instead of VST

i would appreciate those links
Quote by wagos408
and also

if anyone has any free amp sim plugins for Mac instead of VST

i would appreciate those links

Out of luck.

The only mac sim atm is revalver afaik, which just got support.
you can use VSTs on a Mac guys, Logic supports them and you can also get VST>AU shims.
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but it needs to be a Mac VST, and the vast majority of the good freeware amps are Windows VST only.

most commercial Amp Sims are available in Mac VST and AU format
Studio Devil is for Mac too - there's a free one - also Waves GTR Solo is offering FREE for 1 year



I personally like the new Amps & ESPECIALLY the Pedalboard Designer in Logic Studio 9. The High-Gain are a bit noisy but my Boss GS-10 has all that covered. BEST interface I've ever used (had 3 so far) and with all the built-in Amps, cabs, effects, etc I really don't need any sims - the GS-10 sounds better than ANY OF THEM - the High-Gain stuff is Brutal and whisper quiet with it's great hardware noise gate. Buy one if you can - it's amazing - best hardware I've ever purchased and sounds like real amps!

I know I kinda hijacked the thread to promote my Interface but guys - it's friggin' AMAZING. If you bought one you'd agree with me. 2 guys on Harmony Central bought one based on my reviews and they were blown away - and IN LOVE with theirs too.
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
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The GT-10 is also nice if you'd like to use the modeller in a live setup as well as the studio. My rhythm guitar player uses one live and I've been working with it a little to get some killer tones for classic rock, Texas blues-rock and old-school metal and it is a very sophisticated machine. The A/D's are first rate and the flexability is outstanding. But the complexity is also not for the beginners or people looking for a very simple modelling tool. But when you are into getting good recorded sounds you should be familiar enough with the majority of the settings and options for the most common signal processing components and effects.
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