Well, just check this out. I've figured some riffs today with my band and i thought something like this. It makes me remenber Killswitch engage, so this band was one of the principal influences. I will add the bass later, but like whenever if you want do something within this, Do it.

Much love and greats.
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It does remind me slightly of more recent Killswitch Engage (the main riff). I don't like those little clean parts at all at bars 9, 11, 13.

That riff at bar 33 is extremely like a riff from Take This Oath by Killswitch.

I think it does have potential. I liked most of the riffs.
as i listen...
intro is intresting...nice!
the transition at bar 9 should be longer IMO...maybe one more mesure with the clean guitar...
bar 10 is nice, i like
the melody at bar 17 is good
i really cant crit your riffs because of the lack of drums, it really gives accent to the guitar

this song has potentiel, i think you should work on it more...

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KsE enfluenced? finally someone who i know like KsE lol. okay im critiqing as i go..

Measures 1-8: sound almost identical to Killswitch Engage's Starting over. Its okay, but almost identical.

Measures 9-15: IDENTICAL to the max to Killswitch Engage's Take This Oath, not even kidding.

Measures 33-40: Take this oath. Sure their different notes but i can tottally tell their from Kse.

Id say you should start fresh and make your original ideas instead of taking the same riff scheme from KsE and plugging it into your songs. its cool they influence you, but theres a line between incluence and copying. It would be an okay song if i neeve heard of Kse, but the ideas dont really flows together and you change riffs too often. also i didnt like the clean parts in the chorus. im sorry if this was offensive but im just saying what i thought of the song. sorry.
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Evan after messing with the triplet feels the whole thing felt rather choppy. The riff at bar 12 has all the right notes, in the right order, just not with the right rhythm.