it's a bass

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it's a bass

Thank you Capt. Obvious

on topic: I have one and it's nice. The J buzzes a bit much but that's a J pickup for you.
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I own that bass except for different color. I don't think it lends itself to metal too well, but it'd do fine for other genres. good neck and sound. not as deep as I'd like it but I enjoy Bartolini soap bar pickups and tube amps so i'd say i like a very deep sound.
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it's a bass

No, its a warning.

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On topic. Nice bass, but they do come up on craigslist pretty often, so if this one's not possible, wait it out, another will come along.
good bass. not quite a P-bass tonally but great sound.
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i own it too, but in blizzard pearl
i think its pretty damn amazing
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That's the best pickup combo ever created, IMO, except for the new one with the double jazz pup.
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it's nice to see somebody else from Alabama here, but that bass is great I actually almost bought one until I found my Spector. I just might drive up to Huntsville and get it then I'll let you know how she plays
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That's the best pickup combo ever created, IMO, except for the new one with the double jazz pup.

... You mean the Deluxe ? Its discontinued too, also its a humbucker. For a second i thought you might have been talking about a regular jazz bass

OP, I played that bass in a local shop. The action was great (low at the time), sweet jazz neck, and the thought of a active Fender was cool ... didnt mess with it much though.

I'd consider buying it for that price if i was looking for a 4 string and couldnt get my hands on a Ibanez SR600.
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as a classic rock/jazz/blues/rock/funk and etc bassist I LOVE THIS BASS. It's my favourite bass. Such a nice tone and much versatility, gives me perfect tone know matter what . Good luck on getting it.
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That's the best pickup combo ever created, IMO, except for the new one with the double jazz pup.

Are you thinking of the Urge II? I though it was the only Fender with this combo - JPJ. I wouldn't be too surprised if I'm wrong though.