So it's time for a new guitar. I will be upgrading from a squier strat and have around $800 (cad) to spend. I play mostly blues and jazz but sometimes get into heavier rock such as Oasis, Matthew Good and other Indie style bands. Essentially I am looking for versatility. I have been considering two options for myself:

- A new Epiphone Sheraton
- A used 1987 68' reissue japanese strat.

I am very used to the feel of a strat and prefer it over most guitars however i am thinking the sheraton would be more versatile (especially for blues, jazz, and indie).

Which of the two would you recomend? Any other suggestions not listed above?
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jap strats from the eighties were great guitars

strat all the way
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They both have their fair share of pros and cons.
I personally prefer the Sheraton, but that's just me.

Also consider littler stuff.
The Sheraton is gonna weigh more than the Strat, and most likely have more sustain, but take much less abuse, and won't be broken in.

I recommend that you play both, look them over extensively, and make your choice based on your preference.
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id get the strat, but thats just me
go play the hell out of both of them then choose for yourself, no one can tell you whats best for you other than you
Yeah...play them both and see man...I like those 80s models japanese Fenders...but you have to really find out for yourself.
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Well as everyone keeps saying try them both
But imo the strat seems the better option. Also it's that classic pawshop guitar everyone wants
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Mid 80's Japanese Fenders are the way forward.

However, they are completely different guitars and you should definitely think through what you are after, both sound wise and playability wise.
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i love my 57 reissued strat 86 mij. unlike my friend's mexican strat you can definitely tell the difference between each pickups. just cause of that versatility is par none,