A noob question but how do I go about rigging up my two fender amps.
My one amp is a Fender Frontman 212. It has pre-amp and power-in inputs.
The next amp is Fender Chours Ultra. It has a Mono FX send and return and Stereo FX send and return.
They both have a 1+2 intrument hook-up.

Thanks a lot for any help and go ahead and ask question if I need to explain more.
What do you mean by "rigging up"?
Do you want to send the guitar signal to both amps and use them simultaneously?
Do you want to switch between the two, having one adjusted for solos and the other adjusted for rhythm?
Something other?
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I just want a guitar signal to go to both amps but I would also like to know how to use one for soloing and and one for rythm.

All you would need is an AB/Y switch.
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