I have been playing guitar for almost a year and i need an alternative to being self taught. Im interested in online video lessons like jamplay.com, next level guitar etc...
and i stumbled across metal method in a guitar world ad and guitar world itself said that its a must have dvd.
i know most chords and power chords and some songs, just i seem to be going no where so i think a teacher could help. unfortunately the only person that is close to me that gives lessons is 25 miles away and i have no clue how well he is. so ive been looking at the online lessons, mayb something kind of strucured....
and has anyone heard of this metal method and how good is it???
Where do you live? You could ask at a school if they have any resident teachers.
i used metal method. its best if you're a complete beginner in the course. I came in at around 5 months playing, so i started at the end of the 3rd dvd of the series, and even then, i knew a lot of the stuff afterwards. Since you've been playing a year, you probably know more than half the stuff in the dvd, you just need to fine tune your skill.

both the websites you mentioned kinda suck, but they have free trials so you should check it out.

go to www.justinguitar.com, its free and imo just as good, if not better, than everything you mentioned. It doesn't have as many lessons on there since the creator of the website is the only instructor, but he adds up new stuff every few weeks.
anyone heard of learn and master guitar dvds?
any expierence with them?
i heard they were amazing
but would they deliver me my hard rock needs?
In all honesty, each program has their own perks. I could say "JamPlay is the best by a mile, the other guys suck!" but that's not truthful. We do feel we can teach you the most...but there is stuff to gain from every service mentioned here. I recommend just trying them out to see which fits you the best. If you join JamPlay and decide it's not for you...just let us know and we'll provide you with a full refund; no questions asked.