Their description for a Gibson Les Paul Custom:
This guitar is of the finest quality, and yet it is only a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay. You may be wondering how such an amazing product could be so cheap, It is possible because it has been manufactured in china, where labour is cheap. Cheap labour does not mean that quality has been compromised; all parts are of the highest quality and have been imported from overseas.
I'd rather pay the same price for an Epiphone that's made in godknowswhere with "mediocre materials"
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
"Cheap labour does not mean that quality has been compromised; all parts are of the highest quality and have been imported from overseas."

this does kinda convince me though...
"We accept Bank wire transfer, the western union, money order"

I looked at a 2008 Fender American Strat...almost always if someone is asking for a wire transfer, western union, and/or a money order as payment options...they are fake.
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I'm back!
They are fake guitars, but wow... Those counterfeiters are getting good. Some of those guitars look very similar to the actual thing.
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what if they ask for paypal?

If they're in China and they send you a piece of junk you can't get a refund since Paypal doesn't apply there for disputes.
The words "China Wholesale" Should tip you off that everything they sell is a knockoff.
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Since we first published this instrution in 2007, we received many feedback one after another, that from guitar seller all around the world. Now, we produced you this new version with great pleasure. We spend a lot of time to train our guitar makers and increase the productivity effect by using the advanced mechanical equipment. Certainly, we also think a lot of guitar sellers. Because you reflect our image, too. So, please spend some time to scan out instruction. What's more, we hope you call our service department to check more informations at any time.

"Value" Philosophy
At first, our guitars are absolutely above the moneys' worth. We have setiously researched the material, design and technique of the guitars. It can be proved by these facts: we keep the woods' humidity level lower then 7%; every oue of our workers are guitar players; we regularly add investment to buy better machiens.

Our Guitars
The choice of woods: most of our guitars are made of mahogany. There are also some guitar are made of maple.
The density and width of every piece of wood is different. So, it is inevitable that there will be some blemish on the guitars. When selling this kind of guitars, you can transform this disadvantage to advantage, you could tell your customer that every guitar has its unique outside and tone colour.

Our Quality Assurance
We ensure that the material and workmanship of every guitar is unquestionable. Our guarantee to keep in good repair can satisfy you."
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Nothing is really bad about a knockoff if it sounds good

I would never trust a real guitar unless I play it before buying, much less a knockoff.
Almost looks like they ripped off pictures from eBay - worst case, you send em money and you get nada..
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Nothing is really bad about a knockoff if it sounds good

Besides the fact that it's a knock off You can buy a knock off for all I care and you can love it too pieces but in the end you're just ripping off the guitar companies.
what made me laugh was when they talk about the trems, they call every trem a "bigby" yes i`ve spelt it the way they`ve spelt it.

these places need shutting down.
By checking the sellers' name alone will indicate they dodgy.

If it comes from China 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time, its either a knock off or its of sub-standard quality.

Check this one out...

A Les Paul is advertised as a "Stratocaster electric guitar ,Timbre exquisite electric 2008 All new Brand Electric Guitar ,High-quality". Talk about trustworthy. They cant even get basic information correct.
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