Big party going on friday night, costumes are mandatory.

I have no idea what to go as... Best thing I can think of is TOGA!

Any ideas ? What are you guys going to be dressed as for the upcoming parties ?
Overweight spider-man

Just stick pillows and towels in a spider-man costume. It's even easier if you actually have ample surface area.

Make a tank out of cardboard and cut a hole in the top of the "turret" for yourself. Glue some suspenders to the hole.
Like this:
Cross dress! Im going as a cut up version of my main picture Gonna cut words into my stomach.
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Who You Gonna Call GHOST BUSTERSSS!!!!!!

in case you didnt get it go as a ghost buster . Just tape a vacuum to your back or get a carboard box with a tube coming out of it and strap it to your back.
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You could be Adam from the Garden of Eden. Inexpensive.
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nazi officer..

make sure to have a swastika on your forehead
sim simma

who got the keys to my beema
ostrich idea is the most badass thing i've ever seen
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