I have a Podx3 live and I'm on a low budget. I have solid state amps but I'd rather get a better sound. So should I get a small tube combo or should I get a powered PA? I'd rather keep the price range under $500 and be able to play small gigs.
I was looking at things like:
i would advise getting an amp... it should sound tons better.

if you let us know what kind of tunes you play, we could probably recommend a few other amps that might be better.
amp. the epi valve junior has good tone for a good price. cheaper than the one behringer PA speaker i bought.
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i agree with "amp" as a general go-to for this kinda' thread, but if you're feeln' froggy, check out Bose's L1 (NOT boss, BOSE)... not gonna find it for 500 bones tho.
I use a modeler with a couple of PA speakers...sounds decent (considering the PODs age) but this isn't the PAs fault.

Once you get a modeler putting out some decent decibels, it doesn't really sound 'just' like a modeler any more. It gets way more dynamic and nice.

I imagine a X3 Live would do ok like this but it's never going to sound like a 'real' tube amp.

Still should sound ok but you will likely be easily able to differentiate it from a tube amp.

And you then may long for the sound of a good tube setup.

But if you DJ and/or like using your PA for parties too...it may be the ticket.

The issue is that if you are used to a million different effects and like switching amp models like a coked up monkey (which I am liable to do when using a modeler), you may find a tube amp frustrating/limiting.

Tube = much better tone and dynamics...but you only get a certain amount of sounds with any tube amp.

I like both...so I also want a cool modeler down the track...A POD X5 Live or Digitech RP5000.
I play mostly classic rock or alternative rock. I'm actually leaning more toward tube now because I would like to have a "tube" tone and feel. The question is which one. I've heard from other threads that the epi valve junior is good and it is def in my price range my only concern is is it loud enough for a small gig/ practicing with a band. I was also looking at a used fender hot rod which might be a stretch money wise and a vox custom classic.
Quote by The JabberWocky
amp. the epi valve junior has good tone for a good price. cheaper than the one behringer PA speaker i bought.

I'd rather have a good modeller through a PA system any day...and that's coming from a self-confessed 'tube snob'.

johnoman, what's your current setup?