Does anyone have a Tascam DP-004, or used it?
Is it worth the money as far as digital four tracks go?
I'm looking for a simple solution for recording my own stuff in my dorm room, and this seems compact enough to get it done with little hassle.

Also does anyone know if cassete four tracks are still sold at any stores, and would that be cheaper? I know that is a little less practical, but if it is way cheaper I'd be willing to go that route.

I've only found 2 four tracks, and both are over 150. any cheaper alternatives?
Tascam DP-004 is a 4 track but it only records two tracks at one. Of course if you're only recording one at a time then that's okay.

I would recommend it over cassette four tracks personally.
I think there are still some companies that make and sell them, but they're usually darer.
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Have you ever used it before? Is it good as far as sound quality for the built-in mics? or guitar in?