I'm looking for two guitars, a 6 string with a FR (no licensed)/Ibanez Edge (not III), and a 7 string, with or without the same bridge. I don't necessarily want/need to get both of them, it just saves me making another thread.

My current main guitar is a Belman Flat Top Deluxe (see profile for pic - the blue one), and i love the tone, but my biggest complaints I have about it are that the neck is a bit wide, upper fret access (17-18th position +) is a bit difficult, and the 22 frets.

So I'm after, essentially, at least with the 6 string:
  • 24 frets
  • OFR or other FR that isnt an LFR, Ibanez Edge thats not a III is also good
  • HSH or HH, undecided
  • Superstrat preferable, but not essential
  • Wickedly awesome upper fret access
  • Neck width thats wider than a Fender Strat, but no wider than, say, 46mm
  • Thin to medium neck thickness, preferably closer to thin
  • Pretty lengthy sustain, so neck thru? I'm not overly fussy as long as the upper fret access is good and the notes don't die within a second of me playing them
  • Not essential, but separate vol and tone pots for each pickup if HH
  • Mahogany body, I might think about Alder or Basswood, maybe some others

I'm mostly wanting to play Systematic Chaos Dream Theatery type stuff with it/them, so pickup-wise I'm somewhat set in one direction. Desired/recommended pickups don't have to come stock, but would be nice.

At the moment, I'm looking at:
  • Dimarzio Air Norton (leaning towards this one)
  • Dimarzio LiquiFire (Petrucci fanboy, I know)
  • maybe SD Blackout
  • maybe EMG 85, 89, 60

  • Dimarzio D Sonic (leaning here)
  • Dimarzio Steve's Special
  • Dimarzio Crunch Lab
  • Dimarzio Tone Zone
  • matching pairs of active neck pups listed above

Middle (if I choose to go that way):
  • Dimarzio Area '61
  • Dimarzio Red Velvet
  • Dimarzio True Velvet

As for budget, 'nothing too expensive' is all I can really give you at this point. This is mainly to get a general idea and narrow choices down a bit.
Keep in mind that I'm in Australia too. At last check (a couple of months ago), the Ibanez RGT320Z was about $5700 AUD. That's way too much.

I've gotten an Ormsby quote at about $3700, which is also a bit too much for my liking

As for the 7 string, specs would be similar, obviously allowing for neck width etc
Pedal GAS?
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ISP Dec of some sort
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Yes Ibanez S Prestige for your 6 string
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ESP Horizon FR-II pretty much is bang on for your first 6 string, and I'm pretty sure they are around the $2500aud mark so hopefully you find that is acceptable.
thanks guys, suggestions much appreciated. now to find those at shops to try them...

just looked up the horizon, its about 3000 for me. however. somehow this new thing called ibanezguitarcentre has just popped up out of nowhere and the prices arent monstrous. problem is its not local, which doesnt solve the fact i need to try the guitar out first...
Pedal GAS?
Empress Heavy
ISP Dec of some sort
Keeley Katana
TC Corona/Vortex/Dreamscape