My friend wants to get into the electric guitar, and he saw this peavey package for $160 at a local store: Peavey Rockmaster Stage Pack

He doesn't live in the US (he lives in Panama), and guitars down there are usually very overpriced and the selection isn't that varied. I searched online and didn't find much about it... I know that as a beginner, he shouldn't care too much, but I personally think getting a good guitar for the price is still important Tell me what you guys think.

Note: Apparently the "peavey rockmaster" is also a preamp? weird branding/whateva
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well apparently the link to the Peavey doesn't work. Anywho, even though i prefer other brands of guitar Peavey does make some decent guitars. I say your friend should go for it if he wants to learn how to play and then eventually he can get a new, better one if he wants.
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