The Clicking of a Catalyst
"A Brief Endeavor in the Journeys of man"

"Lie down Die Juedin"
Powered encased sliver disposture
"Let me cleanse you of your sins"
The bullet cast a net it couldn't catch
"Now your blood is pure"

The Soldaten sold his soul to Satan
and called it the work of Gott
Genocide tide on cement ocean
He cast her body to the sea
Solid ground he couldn't see

With a strike of a match,
radio dispatch,
and a krug a kerosene
They began to tidy up the place

"Even if God could smell the stench of bodies burning"
"Even if he could see that we sought to sever our own umbilical chords"
"Even if he could hear the sadistic symphony in the distance"
"Even if he could taste that harsh note in his throat as we claimed our own existence"
"Why would he intervene?"
"For we no longer need assistance"
Reaching for the sun
one may forget
the feet which
ground him
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