Poll: Smoking help give ur voice a darker cripsy rasp sound
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So Question here is:

Does Smoking help your voice get more raspy.
more of that Crisp dark sound.

i see bands like:
Avenged sevenfold
Van Halen
and other bands do it and they got that cripsy sound and i was wondering if smoking helped that.

sorry that its a nub question. just kinda new to singing and would like to figure out stuff.
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it just lowers your lung capacity and over time will destroy your voice box.

Tone comes with practice and manipulation of your voice, those guys have been singing for years and years and years and that's the tone they get, some people with have a heavier voice to start with, I on the other hand, have a voice like a quior boy, and I don't even care, it's pefect for the singing I do
If you're looking for an excuse to justify your smoking habit, singing with a raspy tone isn't it.

I have been smoking for a long time, I can attest that when I smoke less the tone of my voice does not change, but it's noticably easier to breath in and conserve oxygen, which is handy for singing.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
nope dont have a smoking habbit. havent smoked since i was a kid lol. so its been a while.
no, it wont help. just sort of half cough while singing to get a raspy tone, i do it occasionaly

to do the half cough thing, you have to find a way to get the back half of your tounge to move towards your throat, i cant explain how to do it cos I don't know.
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Nope, not even a little bit. This is just something people assume because rasp is caused by vocal cord irritation, usually due to more airflow than is necessary to sing a note. It's got nothing to do with smoking. That's akin to saying that rolling around in a bed of spikes and sandpaper will make you more rugged looking.