There are some scattered lyrics here and there throughout the song here and there, just as a reference for the other members of my band. We're probably going to be recording this song soon. This is a song that definitely demands my lyrics / vocals, so if anyone really likes it, I can keep them updated and throw a message their way when it's recorded, mixed and mastered.

Oh yeah, Quick backstory on the lyrics / song (Just to help you feel as close to the song as possible) - The song is based roughly off of the Swedish Mercenary (I may have a few facts incorrect. It's late. I'm going off of what my professor told me though) armies around the 15th century. Back in those days, the Swedish Military was so amazing that a treaty was eventually signed that outlawed the use of their mercenies in War; This song is about a Mythic mecenary force of equal force and brutality so keep that in the back of your mind and enjoy.
Men of Mythos GP.zip
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That transition you used before the verse (reusing that pull off idea) was exactly what i was thinking you would do

I liked the breakdown.

I think you should slide those octaves at bat 101.

Even though it was repetitive with that main verse riff, i didn't find myself bored. I enjoyed it.
thanks for your crit
now to your song,
1.Intro - The intro riff is good
2.Instrument Enter - its still the intro riff ! i think you would be better off harmonizing at this point( not octaves but something in a minor scale or something because your scale sounds some exotic scale ), also i think you can use a bit less of cymbals for the first four bars, then a bit more then to the original no. you have used to make it sound more interesting
3.I like the transition into the verse, especially phil's guitar. verse 1 again the same riff, maybe it would sound better with lyrics.
4.Chorus - Best part of the song for me, cant change anything
5.I really like the transition into "We bow to no one" The riff for this section is good but the "55" cymbal now was hurting me. Also, i think from 73 with the way u describe the Faiiil word, i would try a new riff for the 4 bars something faster but similar to what you have used because thats what i interpret the mood of the song at this point, something chaotic whereas your sounds, well, sober in that respect . Bar 78 onwards is fine.
6. The Solo, is okay i think. 99-100 is very good as it builds up but then you just, well unbuild it with 101 - 102 ( dont have another word for unbuild here, but i guess you know what i mean ) 103-end solo is fine
7.Outro-Was that the outro?