I'm looking for some programs that helps tabbing, or help taking notes from a song.

I used to use Media player to slow down the song and tab it at half speed. any other sugestions.
You could use Audio to MIDI or a similar program, couldn't find a free equivalent though. :/

Sadly, you can't make sure the MIDI will be exactly like the original.
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Guitar Pro

no folks, I don't mean programs that you can tab with. I already use Gp5 since a very long time. but I mean a programs that helps you catch fast solos, and difficult rhythms or so.
Try "The Amazing Slow Downer". It goes down to 20% speed and it works very nicely.
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I'm very interested! I would love to find out more.

search powertab on google. Its free to download. Guitar pro cost money nless you find a "less than ethical" copy.