And I have a gig on Weds
my guitar is a vintage v300, is there a specific type of machine head ill need or do machine heads tend to fit all guitars

also, how do I buy an individual one, I ca only find packs
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You have to measure the diameter of the stock hole -- there's no industry standard, so it varies from model to model of both tuner and guitar. Sometimes you can find individual tuners. Best bet is to look around online. Odds are shops won't carry singles.
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No industry standard?

I doubt Im going to have this for Wednesday
I've been here since '04.

the only place i have ever seen single machine heads for sale is on stewmac.com and thats only with one type which probably isn't what you want or on ebay they sometimes have the random one. i recommend taking one out and measuring the hole diameter and then treat yourself buy upgrading to a better set that fits. just borrow a friends guitar for the gig
I think I may have the names of my guitar parts messed up

its the tunng peg thats snapped off, and the little metal long bit is stuck inside the metal box thing attatched to the head...

Sorry I only know how to play guitar, know nothing of the tech...
I've been here since '04.