I'm working with the following equipment:

Lexicon MX-300 digital reverb / compressor / gate rackmount
Xenix mixer
Cubase-LE4 software
Sterling Audio tube condensor Mic... model 66 (see profile)
pro studio interlinks / balanced xlr cables

I'm having problems trying to get a good tone for a mid to deep male voice... seems that every tone curve I try sounds like crap. Maybe it's just my vocals lol. But in all seriousness, I need examples of good tone settings and recording techniques for vocals... things like chorus, reverb etc... I need a crash coarse.

Here's the best example:

While the vocals sound so-so, it seems like it is being sung in a hardwood closet, too far from the microphone. I need advice on how to make this voice sound better, fuller and more 'like a pro recording"

I love your recordings, I think they're pretty epic. I quite like how the vocals sound.

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What's the room you record in like acoustically? Is it treated at all? A mic is only as good as the room it's recording in. That being said, your guitar sounds really nice so I'm slightly confused.

As for mixing vocals, I'm not experienced at it at all. I'd maybe check out sites like Sound on Sound for arcticles on enhancing the tone.
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I'll have to check that out... thanks for the site. It just seems that when people have pro-recordings, there's a richness and depth to tone they have. Aaron lewis live, solo acousitc for example. It just sounds so full, I'm not sure if it's a chorus or filter of sorts.