Is it possible to sing with a B flat voice? Cause I ain't sounding too good right now

Sounds more like a horse giving birth to an elephant...

Pls help me out

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really anyone can sing with any voice it just takes some time and practice. you need to learn how to utilize what you have and try playing songs that are in the key of your voice. then start to broaden out your range and give different keys a try. it really is just perservierence and practice. good luck

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My voice keeps cracking when i sing.... Wat can I do to stop the cracking from happening?
Quote by MaddMann274
My voice keeps cracking when i sing.... Wat can I do to stop the cracking from happening?

According to your profile, you're 14. You're going through puberty, so your voice is cracking because your vocal mechanism is changing. Not much you can do about that.

B flat is just the note you comfortably speak in, it doesn't necessarily mean anything with regards to range.
The note you speak at doesn't have much to do with your range, it just depends on the way you were raised. For ex., if you were raised in a gay community, you might talk higher (which doesn't necessarily make you a counter-tenor), and if you were raised in a machoman community, you might talk lower (which doesn't make you a bass/baritone).

I would say it's easier to judge your classification (don't worry about that too much, classification means nothing in singing) by your tone, but I've heard baritones that have a similair tone to tenors.

If this isn't what you were asking, disregard everything I said.