Hey Im looking to build a wolfgang van halen frankenbass but i just cant find out all the specs on it. Im going to atempt his blue one but from all the pictures ive seen i just cant get enough info. does anyone have any ideas? from what ive seen the body is completley routed like a strat, it has a j bass plate and a strat input jack but i think he plugs into the input on the plate. and the pickup looks like a emg music man passive. Im not completley sure buts thats why im askin for help here. so can anyone give me a few hints?
so erm... you cant choose your own personal pickup combo... why?
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You deserved this, Matt.
Id like to get as perfect of a copy as I can cause, well the bass is sweet lol.

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Taken from April 2008 Guitar World
"The 'Franken-Basses' that Wolfgang plays onstage are custom made fro him by Chip Ellis. 'They're based on a '62 Fender Jazz Bass,' Morrison says. 'they have neck pickups and a big seymour duncan quarter pound soapbar pickup in the back, which sounds great for what they're doing. When Ed is soloing, Wolfgang fills in with that gritty sound. Its a great new sound for the band' "

Also in the magazine there is a picture of 2 different kinds of them both are blue one has a pickguard and 2 single coil pick ups and then the other one has no pickguard is rough routed. Its the one I've seen him use live the pickguard one is maybe a mock up or something...

I really like the blue colour to the stripes. I actually did it to my explorer a couple years before wolfgang was a part of van halen... then he did it... HE STOLE MY IDEA...lol joking but still...lol

So as for the wood and every thing I would guess what ever your average 62' Fender Jazz Bass was made of, the neck pickup since it wasnt specifically named would be a stock one... Theres also a Hipshot Xtender tunning peg on the E string.
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Copy & paste from HC:

"This guitar is spray painted blue with white and black stripes to look just like the Wolfie’s favorite bass guitar.
Custom-striped select alder body with a hot bass humbucker (bridge position), a standard jazz bass pickup (neck position), and a Fender licensed maple bass guitar neck. Single volume knob and a one piece bolt-on neck (finest Northern Michigan and Canadian hard rock maple) give this guitar amazing playability.
• Select alder wood body
• Maple medium jumbo fret neck 1-5/8" nut width, 34” scale, 20 medium jumbo frets licensed by Fender
• Hot Humbucker bass pickup (bridge position)
• Standard Jass Bass pickup (neck position) – Non functional, but wired to control cavity
• Very light clear satin lacquer finish on the neck (almost bare wood)
• Black Volume knob
• Non-functional two-position switch mounted on the control plate
• Red and amber reflectors
• Bumper Sticker “I can barely see the road” (shown, but not included in this auction)
• Eye and ring hooks for your guitar strap
• Custom aged chrome Fender bass bridge
• Custom Wiring
• Custom aged chrome Jazz Bass Control Plate
• Non-functional 5-way switch mounted in the center pickup routing position
• GHS Bass Boomers bass guitar strings (Roundwound, .045-.105) (or equal)
• Vintage Fender Jazz Bass tuners"

Red version:

fantastic thank you very much. i am forever grateful lol

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