Ok so i want to make my new amp look sweet, Iv already taken off the bugera badge and replaced with with an Autobot badge from transformers. I was wondering if I could stick some neon lights in it or something?

If anyone has done these sorts of mods to a 6262, 6260, 5150, 6505 etc etc please tell me how I can make this happen! Thanks
lights (LED or neon) could be cool, i would make it so they get brighter when you play louder, ect. also i would make it so the clean channel has blue lights, but when you switch to the gain channel, you get red ones

there should be alot of schems out there for this sort of thing. i would look around instructables.com
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There are a few people here on UG that have added LEDs...the easiest way seems to be buying the LEDs and using a converter to just plug them into a power supply...that way you're not hacking into your amps electronics.