I recently purchased a Schecter C-1 and I love it. One problem I am having though is when I try to kill the sound abruptly by muting the strings, I get this strange overtone ringing swell. I know my description isn't very good but if anyone has some idea of what I'm talking about and knows how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance!
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Accidental pinch harmonic? Happens a lot with high output pickups like EMG's.
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It's not feedback and I have the gain turned down pretty low, it sounds more like a natural harmonic than anything else. I adjusted the action hoping that would help but it did nothing.
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Two words: Man the **** up.
I think I know what you are talking about, the way I stopped getting it was to use multiple fingers to mute the strings and the palm of the right hand. Do it fast and with a bit of force, just make sure to not hit the frets or something and make a sound.
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Tap the body of the guitar when it's plugged in and see if you get quite a lot of noise coming through the guitar. If you do, you have microphonic pups.
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